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PBR Rodeo This weekend

LRRA (Li'l Rough Riders Assoc) Muttin Bustin' and Calf Riding

The Tulsa RV Ranch will be hosting all events, the Semi-Finals and World Series Championships for 2014. Any Mutton Busters ages 3-6 and Calf Riders ages 7-10, who compete in at least six of the eight events will progress into the Semi-Finals on Friday, October 10, 2014. From there, the top twenty from the Semi-Finals in Mutton Busting and top twenty in Calf Riding will progress and compete in the LRRA World Series Championships on Saturday, October 11, 2014. The Li'l Rough Riders Association Series Events, Semi-Finals, and World Series Championships are the first of their kind in the nation and will be going national. The event winners and World Series Champions will be receiving buckles, prize money, and scholarships.

For more information on LRRA Memberships and Rules and Regulations, please contact the Tulsa RV Arena at:


918-267-9000, Ext. 2