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A New School for Okmulgee

By Betty Anderson

Okmulgee Public School has introduced a new study path for its students.

Renee Dove, Deputy Superintendent Elect of Okmulgee Public Schools reported, “We are excited to announce that next year we are opening a new path for students at the High School. I am so excited about this. We have been talking about the way our children learn, wondering why we are not progressing any faster than we are. So in addition to our traditional high school environment, known to all of as Okmulgee High School, we will be opening a new facility, Okmulgee High School Institute of Personalize Learning.

She added, “With this new learning we are going to be working with students exactly where they are; we’re looking at the way they learn and we’re looking at the direction they want to go in their education. We have students that are at risk that learn in a different way than students that are accelerated are learning. We want everyone to move in a way they need to move and as fast as they need to move or take time to learn it.”

She continued, “We’ll pilot the program 2017 and open it to more students in 2018. The ones we have looked at have a waiting list of 150 students waiting to get into these kinds of schools….. This school will be by application and every child will have the opportunity to make application. Student enrollment at the new Okmulgee High School IPL will be a reflection of the makeup of our current Okmulgee High School student body. And this environment as student education will personalized. Students will be active participants in education. They will work with counselors, work with the principal, creating that plan of study that they will be on and they will have the 1:1 as we are going to roll that out this next year and they will each have their own personal computer that they will be using. We are going to move from the traditional text book to the laptops that our students will each have.” It will be located in the High School hallways.

Dove thanked the community for passing the bond which allowed the schools to have the 1:1 technology. Additionally they are talking about also offering it to the 7th and 8th graders but are still in the planning stages to see if that is what they are ready to do. Okmulgee School District is one of the first in the state to introduce this method of learning.

Dove said, “We are preparing students for their future and not our past. We are preparing students for jobs that do not even exist. Our elementary students will have jobs that don’t even exist right now. More specific details about that special school, Okmulgee High School IPL (Institute of Personalized Learning) will be released in the very near future.” She added a promise, “These are exciting times with Okmulgee Public School. The doors are going to open in August and those students are going come in and expecting great things and they are going to find them, we are not going to disappoint them in Okmulgee Public Schools.


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