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Monday, 07 April 2014 16:19

Wild Onions are a popular dish for many Oklahoman's

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Wild Inions Patch Okmulgee News

When Spring is in the air, most generally so is the smell of "wild onions", a popular fresh vegetable for many Oklahoman's.

Even though they are known to be highly popular among the Native American culture, they are also loved by all nationalities across Oklahoma.

(Watch video below)

Jack and Rita Murphy of Okmulgee were out gathering wild onions on Monday.  "My family has gathered wild onion since I was a little kid," Rita Murphy said. "We brown them with oil and sometimes bacon, add them to eggs and sometimes eat them with some fresh cornbread. A lot of times we find fresh poke salad and add that in too."

Wild onions are members of the onion family which grow naturally in the wild, rather than being specifically cultivated. These are the dainty little onions with some powerful flavor - super oniony. They can be found all over the world, and several species are treated as culinary delicacies, Gardeners sometimes find these members of the onion family irritating, because they can be difficult to eradicate from flowerbeds and lawns.

Like cultivated onions, wild onions have a distinctive sharp flavor and scent. Many have a very strong odor, which can sometimes make them very easy to identify when they are growing in the wild. As a general rule, the leaves, bulb, and flowers of the onions can all be eaten, with most people concentrating on the leaves, rather than the bulb, as these onions tend to develop small bulbs with shallow roots.

There are a variety of ways to use wild onions. They can be used in many of the same dishes domestic onions are used in, and they can also be grilled, chopped and used as a garnish, roasted, cooked in sauces, and so forth. The pungent flavor and aroma can be a cause for caution, as a small amount will often go a long way.

Rita and Jack gather "Wild Onions" Watch the video: