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An Open Letter to:

J. W. Hill Candidate for Oklahoma Senate District # 8

One of your supporters approached me concerning information on the internet about you begin not being eligible to be a Candidate because you did not resign your position as County Commissioner.  I am writing you to assure you that I have not posted anything relating to you anywhere.

Should you search the internet you will find derogatory remarks about O. G. Corky Thompson, Ron Ballard, Jack Bell, etc.   Also, you will find remarks about a former city clerk credited to me stating she was the best city clerk Beggs ever had.  That statement is absolute false. I can supply you a letters questioning some of her practices as city clerk and the Beggs Public Works Authority clerk and secretary.

Letters have been mailed were constructed by cutting my signature and pasting on the letter. As I recall, a letter was written stating that Ron Ballard was resigning as City Council Member shortly after he was elected.

I wished the information relating to you had not been posted.  I assumed that you would run for a second term as county commissioner.    I have been looking for a candidate for District 8 and a candidate to run for the House of Representative Seat 24 for months.

Yours truly,

O. G. Thompson