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Hi, this Kelley and Bill Love of Yellow Stand Fireworks: we would like to take this opportunity to say a very heart felt "thank you " to all of our faithful customers, as well as all the new faces we saw this year. Your business is so very important to us: your life situations also matter to us. We do consider our family business, though it be seasonal, to be a lifeline for so many people. As you bless us by coming in, we are also able to bless YOU by giving a few extra minutes to let you know that you are MORE than a customer: you are important to God as well.

I have a few stories I would like to share: these are just a few examples of how we can ALL be used by God, if we just open ourselves up to do so, simply by "listening "....

There was a man who came in to the stand one day, really, really in a good mood... you would assume by his attitude, he had no worries; quite the contrary. As I asked him what he was looking for, he explained to me that his brother's birthday was the 1st of July and they ALWAYS celebrate with a LOT of BIG fireworks, and then I found out his brother passed away at an early age; this man was obviously hurting. Trying to move forward each year, and yet burdened down with the memories of what he no longer had, "his brother".

There is another man who comes in every year, and has since we opened up 7 years ago. He has the responsibility of 14 children to take care of. These all range from his grandchildren to his nieces and nephews. When he comes in, we know beyond the shadow of a doubt, he will need to make his money really count so that he can give these kids, 1 year old up to 17, a good 4th celebration. He doesn't complain by expressing how much he has to do, he simply embraces what God has given him to do in this life, and makes the best of it. We enjoy knowing we can be a blessing to him.

I could go on with more stories, but rather I would like to end with a true compliment to what we do at Yellow Stand, and why we do it. I think this last story will sum it up:

This year, we had a young man come to work for us we have both known for quite some time: we actually originally met him as a youngster in church, years ago and have stayed in contact. As he was working with us, he began to see things and hear things that apparently made him proud to say he was part of our bunch! I will paraphrase his words he said, "you guys really seem to have a good time here... you seem to have a repeat business of loyal people who genuinely love you" I have never seen a fireworks business with a local family who had a cookout, and brought some to the stand! This boy watched us, our every move: told Bill, Matt and I that our customer service to all was outstanding... he was impressed to say the least. He also let us know he would gladly come back and do it again next year.

We never know "who" is watching us, and how they perceive what we do. The bible says "we will be known by our fruits of the spirit". We can lead others simply by setting a good example to follow.

I didn't say any of this to brag, by no means. I myself was impressed that someone noticed "enough to tell us about it" We give the glory to God.

Thank you again, and God bless you in the remainder of the year, and in the year to come. We look forward to seeing you all in 2016!


Bill, Kelley and Matt Love
Yellow Stand Fireworks