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Dear editor,

I would like to recognize one of our State Senators for his great works.

Senator Mike Mazzei has proven himself, in his two terms in office, to be the epitome of a dedicated and idealistic Republican. In fact, Senator Mazzei has done more to diminish the standard of living for the poor and middle class in Oklahoma while simultaneously improving the opportunities and wealth for the rich than any other politician I can think of.


Kudos to he who lives the dream and profits by it.

His entire political career has been dedicated to generating and passing one wealth enhancing bill after another. When he’s not making his rich buddies richer, he’s doing his best to kill renewable energy in Oklahoma (thereby making his rich OIL buddies richer).

His latest brain child is SB977, a bill to respond to our request to eliminate the $450 plus million dollar tax credits to Oil and Gas. You want to reduce tax credits? Lets see how you like SB977. We’ll place a moratorium on the ability to claim tax credits on just about anything beneficial to growth or improvement or help for the poor and middle class.

They want to cut out things like tax credits for child care (unless you make over $100,000 per year), production and sale of electricity generated by zero-emission facilities (wind, hydro and solar), rehabilitation of certain historic hotel or newspaper buildings (up-town Tulsa), federal earned income tax credit, donations for independent biomedical research or cancer research institutes, energy efficient residential property construction and several other credits that benefit lower and middle income Oklahomans. And if you add them all up, they might total $30 or $40 million in added income to the state.

But nothing about the $450 million dollars we GIVE to oil and gas companies every year just so they can buy bigger yachts and houses.

of every Oklahoman that wants to do something REAL about the budget deficit that Republicans have put us in. It’s a lesson Republicans want us to learn. DON’T mess with THEIR MONEY!

SB977 has got to GO

Contact your State Senator TODAY - RIGHT THIS MINUTE and tell them to vote

NO on SB977!

Thank you for your time and attention

Tom Taton
OCDP Vice-Chair
(918) 260-0046