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Thursday, 06 July 2017 13:30

Diapers and Fireworks

By: Tina Pierce LMFT

Summers can be hard and fun all at the same time. I enjoy getting more time with the kids but then I find myself running ragged trying to do all the things we do not typically have time to do during the school year. Between diaper changes, library visits, splash pad play dates, and church who has time for anything else. I caught myself one day wondering when my husband would come save me from the needy toddlers. As he walked through the door I am sure I looked like a mess. The kids and I had just came home from the pool. I was slightly sunburnt sitting on the floor changing the baby’s stinky diaper while all three kids were whining about being hungry and thirsty. The first thing he did was come give me a kiss and ask what he could do to help, as if he had not been working hard all day himself. But I have to say that selfless attitude does not come naturally to either of us. Amazing marriages take hard work, day after day.

I am so blessed to be able to celebrate an 8th anniversary in a few weeks. I know some of you are thinking we are still newlyweds and others are saying they made it past the seven year itch. Either way I can attest that no marriage worth having is made without hard work and perseverance. So set aside the diapers and make time for the fireworks. Tell her she is just as beautiful now as she was the day you married her. Tell him he is an amazing leader for your family and you admire his strength and courage. Give her a hug without expecting anything in return. Bake him some cookies just for fun. Put the kids to bed a little early and spend time talking about something other than the kids. Make your spouse a priority because in reality they came before the kids and if you want them to still be there when the kids are out of the house you better invest in that relationship too. Besides the fireworks are worth the investment. So put down your phone and give him a kiss.

Tina Pierce LMFT
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