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Public Hearing

In order to comply with the federal requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the Okmulgee School District will hold a public hearing with public comment on October 10, 2016 at 5:30 pm in the District Board Room located at 316 E 8th St, Okmulgee Oklahoma. The hearing will include a review of the district’s Acceptable Use Policy for internet access, Internet Content Filters, and the Children’s Internet Protection Act. RD

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Special Okmulgee School Board Meeting Set for Aug 18 to Discuss Employment, Contracts and Other Items

August 18, 2016
316 E. 8TH ST

12:15 P.M.

===== AGENDA =====
As required by Section 311, Title 25 of Oklahoma Statues, notice is hereby given that the Okmulgee Board of Education will hold a Special meeting at the location and time above.
1. Roll Call and Declaration of Quorum
2. Discussion, consideration and vote to go into executive session, pursuant to OKLA. STAT. tit. 25 § 307(B)(1) & (B)(7) (Supp. 2002) for:
A. Discussion, consideration and action regarding employment, contracts, duties, responsibilities, and assignments for FY17 for:
1) Administrative Staff
2) Certified Staff
3) Support Staff
4) Extra Duty Staff and Assignments
B. Discussion, consideration and action regarding any resignations or retirements at hand.

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Groundbreaking ceremony held for the New Okmulgee Band Room

267 Groundbreaking

Okmulgee Public School held a ground breaking ceremony at the location for the new Band Building that will begin construction this year.  A large group turned for the occasion.  The Okmulgee Showpiece marched in and began to play which kicked off the ceremony.  

Superintendent Tod Williams gave a virtual walkthrough of the floorplan for the new building,  “Today we celebrate the patrons and citizenry of Okmulgee coming together to support their community and school…. This project will take about 11 months to complete, it will be a great project to come and watch.”

School Board member Mike James led the Pledge of Allegiance and the band played the National Anthem to open.

School Board President Rod Wiemer said, “This is very well deserved. A quarter of the students belong the band and that is outstanding.   Next year we will also have the seventh and eighth graders in their new location and so we will have seventh through twelfth grades utilizing the band building. All they will have to do is walk across the street, which I believe for Mr. Helms (band instructor) will be a dream come true.”

High School Principal Jeremy Ramsey said,”Today shows the dedication of these students as this is the last day of high school for them and it’s 3:30 and I am sure that some of their friends are running around doing something fun, but they still showed up for this important occasion which says a lot.

“Anytime I see that Showpiece Wagon going down the highway it makes me excited, so I am just thrilled to see what it will be like and look for more great achievements from the Okmulgee band, Bulldog Rising!,” said School Board member Mark Tuttle.

Deputy Superintendent Renee Dove addressed the band students and let them know they are about to experience something that will feel like a piece of college, “you will be able to close those doors and practice and prepare yourself, so when you get those scholarships and we prepare you to be college and career ready, it will not be a shock to you when you show up in those big band rooms on whatever college campus you decide to go to.   So I strongly recommend that you take part in any part of this that will be here.  Thank you public for passing the bond to provide this type of education for our children. It is just A+ the best that we can give.”

“I have been telling our students that this is part of Okmulgee’s history in the making, so why would they not want to be here. It is something I am proud of and they should be too,” said Rusty Helm Okmulgee Band Director. “I just thank everyone for their support.”  Helms said that the program has grown from 50-55 students to 100 band students.

The actual groundbreaking (with a backhoe) is scheduled for May 30th.

Photos by Allen Gardner - ONN


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Summer School in Okmulgee School District announced

By Betty Anderson

Superintendent-Elect Renee Dove announced the Summer School Programs for Okmulgee School District:

-Elementary Summer School grades K-5, Reading and Math
-Middle School grades 6-8, Reading and Math
-Gifted Summer Education Program grades 2 thru 8
-Extended School Year (ESY) Summer Services for Special Education Students
-Summer Enrichment Academy partnership with the Multi-Cultural Heritage Association
-High School Summer School for credit recovery and remediation for those students who are not passing courses. Dove said, “We are going to require that they be there for the English and Math so they can get caught up so they aren’t behind.”
-High School Drivers Education

The Okmulgee Board of Education voted to approve the Summer School Programs for June and July of 2016.

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Preston Student takes Honors in Language Fair

NORMAN – A Preston-area student received honors at the 14th annual Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair, held April 4 and 5 at the Sam Noble Museum.

The competition drew 1186 participants in grades pre-K through 12 from across Oklahoma and other states. Students competed in 11 different categories, including spoken language, traditional song with language, modern song with language, spoken poetry, spoken prayer, written poetry, cartoon, poster art, book, language advocacy essay and multimedia categories.

Preston Public Schools Jay Fife took third place in the ninth- through 12th-grade Individual Spoken Language category and received an honorable mention in the ninth- through 12th-grade Advocacy Essay category.

Panels of Native American elders, teachers, artists and authors from many different tribes judged the competitions. At this year’s event, students competed in a multitude of Native American languages. The two days of competition set a new record for two-day museum attendance with 3367 people in attendance.

Sponsors for the 2016 Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair included the Cyril Fund, the Wyandotte Nation, the Chickasaw Nation, the Choctaw Nation, the Department of Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma, the Department of Native American Studies at the University of Oklahoma and University Silkscreen.

Application materials and information for the 2017 Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair will be available through the museum’s Native American Languages department beginning in January 2017.

The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History is located on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus at J. Willis Stovall Road and Chautauqua Avenue. For accommodations on the basis of disability, call (405) 325-4712 or visit SamNobleMuseum.ou.eduSam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History (google image)

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Okmulgee Board of Education Announces Employment List for FY17

By Betty Anderson

The Okmulgee Board of Education room had been newly decorated with the artwork of the students from a recent field trip to Gilcrease Museum where they enjoyed an Infusion Art Program.

The Board Members met on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 and approved several items on the agenda.

The board approved the Application for Temporary Appropriations for FY 17 as prepared by School CPA Jack Jenkins.

The board approved the update to Board Policy #5024, which allows pushing the evaluation for administrators from April to May 1st.

The board then went to executive session for discussion regarding employment, contracts, duties, responsibilities and assignments for FY 17 for Administrative Staff, Certified Staff and Support Staff and resignations or retirements for FY 16.

Upon return their actions regarding the staff for FY 17 were CLICK HERE to view.

2016 04 13 ArtWork

2016 04 13 BoardofEducation

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Okmulgee School Superintendent Reports Progress on New Band Building

By Betty Anderson

Tod Williams, Superintendent of Okmulgee School District, gave his report to the Okmulgee Board of Education on capital improvement projects.

He showed the Board Members 3 massive planning and bid books for the new construction and remodeling bid specifications.

The architectural drawings laid spread out on the school conference table as Williams reported to the board members.

“The pre-bid conference was held with all the potential bidders for our construction projects and they took bids on 22 separate construction packages including, the band room, the middle school secure vestibule, the armory, the field house renovations and other odds and ends," said Williams.

"We expect to have the bids analyzed by the next board meeting and have a list of recommendations for bid packets; some will be rejected, approximately 5 or 6 out of 22 bids and then we will be off and running,” he said.

The building will be located on the lot north of the Armory.

2016 04 13 TodWilliams

2016 04 13 ProjectManuals

IMG 1425

Location for new band room at Okmulgee High School Campus. (Photo by Allen Garnder)

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Okmulgee High School Institute of Personalize Learning Up and Running

By Betty Anderson

2016 04 13 ReneeDoveOkmulgee High School Institute of Personalize Learning (ACE High School) kicked off the application process on Monday morning. Renee Dove, Superintendent-Elect reported, “In 45 minutes we had 47 students sign up; now we have 105 that have made application to the school. We have room for 45 more. It is now up and running and we have a consultant coming on site to do an assessment of the curriculum we have and to see the direction we want to go and so that they can work with us in preparing that.”

She also told the Okmulgee Board of Education that she met with the State Department Support Team on Friday while they were here for reading sufficiency.

Dove said, “We talked with them about our ACE High School. They stated that this is exactly the school Oklahoma’s State School Superintendent; Joy Hofmeister is looking for since we’ve partnered with OSUIT and Green Country Vo-Tech. They asked would we be opposed to being the shining star school district for this personalized learning and opening of the school. I told them I was quite certain the school board would be alright with them using us as an example for that. We should be hearing back from her and working with her in the near future.”

Dove further announced that, “The Wellness Coalition has planned a huge party for our juniors and seniors this weekend after the prom party. It should be an exciting and fun time. There will be more information to come next month.

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OPS Athletic Director Informs Board of Exciting PEP Grant Opportunity for Whole School

By Betty Anderson

Okmulgee School District Superintendent-Elect Renee Dove informed the Okmulgee Board of Education that there is another great happening in Okmulgee and introduced Brad Ferguson, the new FY 17 Athletic Director and Middle School Principal to tell the board about a PEP FEDERAL GRANT.

The Carol M. White Physical Education program (PEP) is for schools and community based organizations to initiate, expand, and improve high-quality physical education programs.

Ferguson told the board that the PEP Grant is for the whole school community K-12. He recommended to the board to consider working with Sandra Dunning from Grants & Evaluation Consulting, LLC, to write the grant.

Dunning is a 1977 graduate of Okmulgee High School. Ferguson said, “She has been patiently waiting to write a grant for Okmulgee School District.” She has written 13 PEP Grant Applications and has been award 11 of 13. She has received awards from 200,000.00 to 1,000,000.00 in grant money. He informed the board that the application deadline is May 20th. The awards will be announced July 21st and August will start the first year of the grant.

Ferguson said, “She is very confident with the initial State Department numbers and that it looks really good with the information she can input into writing the grant.”

Superintendent Williams asked if there would be a fee for her services. Ferguson replied, “She is not paid, she doesn’t make a dime unless we receive the grant.” Discussion was had that the fee will be approximately 6%.

Superintendent Williams, Superintendent-Elect Dove and Brad Ferguson had an initial meeting with Dunning.
The board then voted to approve the contract with Sandra Dunning (Grants & Evaluation Consulting, LLC) as the grant writer for the PEP grant.

2016 04 13 BradFerguson

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Okmulgee Public School opens Okmulgee High School Institute of Personalized Learning

A New School for Okmulgee

By Betty Anderson

Okmulgee Public School has introduced a new study path for its students.

Renee Dove, Deputy Superintendent Elect of Okmulgee Public Schools reported, “We are excited to announce that next year we are opening a new path for students at the High School. I am so excited about this. We have been talking about the way our children learn, wondering why we are not progressing any faster than we are. So in addition to our traditional high school environment, known to all of as Okmulgee High School, we will be opening a new facility, Okmulgee High School Institute of Personalize Learning.

She added, “With this new learning we are going to be working with students exactly where they are; we’re looking at the way they learn and we’re looking at the direction they want to go in their education. We have students that are at risk that learn in a different way than students that are accelerated are learning. We want everyone to move in a way they need to move and as fast as they need to move or take time to learn it.”

She continued, “We’ll pilot the program 2017 and open it to more students in 2018. The ones we have looked at have a waiting list of 150 students waiting to get into these kinds of schools….. This school will be by application and every child will have the opportunity to make application. Student enrollment at the new Okmulgee High School IPL will be a reflection of the makeup of our current Okmulgee High School student body. And this environment as student education will personalized. Students will be active participants in education. They will work with counselors, work with the principal, creating that plan of study that they will be on and they will have the 1:1 as we are going to roll that out this next year and they will each have their own personal computer that they will be using. We are going to move from the traditional text book to the laptops that our students will each have.” It will be located in the High School hallways.

Dove thanked the community for passing the bond which allowed the schools to have the 1:1 technology. Additionally they are talking about also offering it to the 7th and 8th graders but are still in the planning stages to see if that is what they are ready to do. Okmulgee School District is one of the first in the state to introduce this method of learning.

Dove said, “We are preparing students for their future and not our past. We are preparing students for jobs that do not even exist. Our elementary students will have jobs that don’t even exist right now. More specific details about that special school, Okmulgee High School IPL (Institute of Personalized Learning) will be released in the very near future.” She added a promise, “These are exciting times with Okmulgee Public School. The doors are going to open in August and those students are going come in and expecting great things and they are going to find them, we are not going to disappoint them in Okmulgee Public Schools.


2016 02 01 TWR Crowd

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21st Century Learning Event - “Tell the Story Using Only 6 Words”

“Tell the Story Using Only 6 Words”

Dove reported on the David Jakes 21st Century Learning Event. She said they had a great turnout. It started off on Thursday night with a Salon Dinner which was a talk about education; he had two big questions which he wanted them to focus on that night.

“We had to write a story using only 6 words,” she said. “Have you ever had to write a story using only 6 words? Some tried to cheat and use 7 and he very quickly reminded us and some really great things came from that.”

  1. What does the future of learning look like?  Tell the story using ONLY 6 words.
  2. How can this kind of learning change everything? Tell the story using ONLY 6 words.

Teachers, Administrators, Board Members and Community Members were there for the Salon Dinner on Thursday night. She said they had a great time. On Friday Teachers, Administrators and Board Members met and he took them through a series of activities, they worked together in teams.

“He had us constantly moving, working and discovering new ways to look at learning; to look at teaching and to deliver the education piece to our students and what that would look like in the future with technology and moving us into that 1:1 Initiative,” Said Dove.

Rod Weimer who attended also said, “That guy was really good, he was really good.”

Marcus Jeffrey agreed, “Yes he made you think. He didn’t just let you settle.”

Dove said that he worked them very hard feeling that good things will come from this experience.

It was “Paw”sitive!


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Okmulgee Board of Education Ends Year with Highly Qualified Teacher Status

It is “Paw”sitive

The December Okmulgee Board of Education Board meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.
President, Rod Weimer, asked for approval of minutes of the November meeting and the approval of monthly encumbrances / expenditures. Both items were approved.

Weimer then reported on the Consideration of School Rental Requests, namely:

• Oklahoma Chargers Football team rental request to use Harmon Field on December 12, 2015
• Brock Gym by Wolfe’s Production on January 30, 2016
• Okmulgee Middle School by Martin Luther King Jr. Committee on January 16, 2016
• Okmulgee Middle School by Missionary Baptist Alliance on December 6, 2015

All rental requests were approved.

Renee Dove opened her Superintendent’s Report saying “We have many, many positive things going on with Okmulgee Public Schools this month.” Her report started with a Power Point presentation of all the “Paw”sitive and great things they have accomplished beginning with Starla Walters, Computer Science Teacher.

Walters spoke about the PLC (Professional Learning Communities) training where she was instructed on how to do protocol correctly in classrooms. Her group of teachers meets once a month. She said, “It has been a wonderful experience. It is a way for us to be able to grow professionally.” They fine tune lesson plans and set up rules to abide by. Among other things, they talk about: Comfort zones, risk zones, danger zones and where they need to keep themselves and the kids.

Dove reported on the David Jakes 21st Century Learning event. (see related article)

Dove introduced LuVona Copeland, Instructional Technology Coach at Okmulgee High School, who spoke on Personalized Education and Ken Grover’s Innovations Early College High School and the trip to Utah. (See related article)

Diane Humphreys, Okmulgee Public High School Teacher spoke about the 3rd annual Door Decorating Contest and National Gear-Up Week with the theme “Always College.” In correlation, Mariah Price, Okmulgee High School Physical Science Teacher spoke about the student’s OSUIT Tour and Local Business Tour. (see related article)

Ms. Dove is meeting with the Economic Development Team in our community namely, Bob Klabenes, Economic Development Director of the Okmulgee area, Mr. Larry Killebrew, Superintendent of Green Country Vo-Tec and Sheryl Hale, at Oklahoma Department of Career and Technical Education at OSUIT. They will be taking a trip to Pryor to look at the huge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program that they wrote a grant for. We are going to look at putting that into Okmulgee Public Schools. It is in the planning stages but things are beginning to happen and introducing our students to manufacturing.2015 12 08 Renee Dove

Superintendent Tod Williams made announcements:

• Tomorrow is the deadline to register to run for Okmulgee School Board Office if you intend to run again. This announcement goes out to anyone and everyone in the community.

• Pat LeGrand and the Okmulgee Police Department are conducting an active shooter mock up practice and will be using the 9th grade building while it is empty. They will be doing their drills.
• One new Bus and the Forklift arrived last week; the Scissor Lift will be in next week. The Yellow Buses will arrive while on Christmas break and drivers are being sent to get the Coach Buses from Dallas to give them experience in driving them.
• Reported on building projects for the school district. (see related article)
• Regarding recent purchases, he stated that one bus and the forklift arrived last week, the scissor lift will be here next week and the two (2) yellow buses will be here after Christmas break. He further announced that they are sending the bus drivers to Dallas over Christmas break to pick up the two Coach buses where they will get training and experience driving them back.
Site report by Ginger James, Okmulgee Primary School Principle, was given:
• She stated that she would like to piggy back off of the 1:1 initiative, in that, currently at her building all Benchmark Testing for SRA reading test and math, Pre-K through 2nd grade are all testing on the computers now. The teachers have worked with them showing how to navigate through them and work the mouse. They now go up to the lab and take their tests on the computers.
• She has been looking into available grants for some computers that might require a partial contribution from the school district and she turned it over to Superintendent Williams and Deputy Superintendent Dove to investigate and work with her on the project.
• Enrollment is down 19 Students from last year; however, she feels it will correct itself during the year.
• Another change is with the exciting additions to their garden. She discussed the $5,000.00 grant that they got for the bridge replacement and additional bridge, picnic tables and additions of pavilions over them; two running water fountains (donated by Rex Jones), work tables for teachers, expanded bleachers and they moved a carport that will now be very useful. Mr. Williams coordinated it all with Green country Technology center.
• Currently right now first and second grade just finished Benchmark Testing for SRA Reading Test. 58% of the students have been Benchmarked; normally it is in the 30%. She stated, “Hugh gains.” Teachers are working very hard and they have 72 kids going to tutoring 2 days a week.
• James reported that she meets with her teachers each week in their PLC room. Our teachers track data from all testing. This year she implemented a DATA Room from all tests done, which are updated monthly. They show all growth or decreases. In January our PLC’s are focusing on going through each domain of the TLE program. Teachers will be teaching each other.
• Boots and Badges and Creek Nation are continuing to come to our school and they now come for all 4 grades and the kids love the interaction with the firemen.
• She invited the Board to the Pre-K Christmas Program which will be on Tuesday, December 15, at 1:00 pm and to the Christmas Dinner which will be on the Wednesday, December 16, at either 10:30am or 12:00pm.

The Action Agenda had two (2) items to discuss:

1. Approved declaring items as surplus / junk; certain kitchen equipment, specifically two (2) air milk boxes.

2. Report was given by Rene Dove advising that they had gotten their Accreditation report. Their RAO came in and looked at the books and they received a letter stating, “Congratulations, Okmulgee Public Schools is in compliance with the Highly Qualified Teacher Report and Status and we are verified that every teacher in the district are Highly Qualified and are teaching exactly what they are supposed to be teaching in those core subject areas.” Dove said, “He will be meeting with them on Monday discussing the way we coded some of the courses at the high school. He is excited about the work we are doing in getting things corrected. His is going to work with us very closely at taking care of that and getting it done; but 100% Highly Qualified.”

The Board then went to executive session for discussion regarding employment, contract, duties, responsibilities and assignments for FY16 and FY 17.

1. The action that came out of the session was that the Athletic Director has to be a Certified Administrator.

Action taken regarding the employment of Certified and/ or Support Staff for 2015-2016 was:

1. William Padfield will be over ISS (in school suspension) at Okmulgee Elementary School.

2. Paula Delso and Diane Penn will be substitute cooks

3. Elementary Basketball Coaches:

• 3rd grade girls – Kevin Rucker
• 3rd grade boys – Shane Bevan
• 4th grade girls – Kevin Rucker
• 4th grade boys – Shane Bevan
• 5th grade girls – Joy Jackson
• 5th grade boys – Kevin Rucker
• 6th grade girls – Michelle Walker
• 6th grade boys – Shane Bevan

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